Once my mother told ‘You go to school then you can run and you can also study.” (Sai Priti).
  “Sometimes you meet people whom you can’t forget they are your class mates “ ( Sumitra Mam)
  “ I miss my school life now. I wish I could relieve that 3 to 4 minutes of my school life. …I remember the English, Biology and Hindi classes of my school even now. I did not like coding in my school days but that is what I do now with my life.” (Satish)
  “I am thankful to all my teachers. Mamata, Devi prasad … Our batch had ‘Friends, Romans and countrymen’… amazing back benchers …Tiwari. Sara Tiwari hai. He is a great sports man who followed the great legacy and the nightingale of Rayagada. …wherever he goes he does his work and tells about our school. Thanks to the driver and the uncles who cleaned class rooms and doors. Vijalakshmi mam is a multi-linguist - Born in WB so knows Bengali and worked in Andra so knows Telugu and in Odisha knows Odiya. The school gate had the loop hole to get 50 paise idly. We played cricket and …. But the present day children have the beautiful landscaping, lawn tennis court... Radhika Miss – held our hands when we did not know how to write.” (Nishant Nilekar, 2004 batch)
  “school life is the best part of our life. From the beginning Radhika miss played an important role in our lives. We were the first batch to go for an excursion… it was a fun for students…. ‘You should be one of the person to be in the post’ so said once Radhika Miss. On the first day when I had to lead the pledge I forgot two words… But later I got used to it. We are so many in our watch… we lost the best friend Aditya Chatterjee.” (Sai Priti 2005 batch)
  “I tried to contact Vijaylakshmi mam…. O My God I am blessed today to see mam. One of the major loss that shocked us is the ‘Chanakya’ who could not have known no other way … his death shocked us. His persona will be with us. I am here in Rayagada and I see the list of the meritorious student hoardings. I feel nostalgic about the school and keep visiting the school now.” (Asish)
  “Vijaylashmi… we are happy to see you and Papa Rao. I was very noty in the class… Vijay gave me some life lessons … GK Rao I am in touch with him…. Sujata miss, Radhika miss thank you. Everything come from our school days… my friends keep on commending in my YouTube post. The teachers were fine tuning me… “(Uday)
  “ By working IT company I am feeling locked… But the beauty with our teachers is that they stay the same. We did not realize that our school days are going to end one day. We did not realize that we will be missing it so much. School days were a great period … I have got lot of memories… You (Radhika Miss) were all-rounder… Hindi, Biology, commendatory on the sports day etc. You gave me so many life lessons when you move on life we connect the dots…GK Rao was teaching the beauty of English and he taught it passionately the poem …. Inner meaning was explained so well. … Lots of things have changed…. teachers who are there literary make us pass through…. I look inside and feel happy that I was reading there some time back.” (Devasis)
  “I am really happy to meet you all. School is such an institution… wherever you go SHS is always with you. I am with you spiritually. Your behavior will count first. In the school the actual rank is not to be taught. I have seen average students…. Shining like Uday. He was noty…. He was not ranker… Now he is very prominent… wherever I go I see so many of our students - Pune and USA ever where in the world even in the Unites states here now. It is because of the oneness, the bond with you and the school that you found a time to meet virtually. You have the attachment to the school.” (Vijay Lakshmi Miss)
  “Thanks for organizing the alumni meet. Past two years were hard. I wish to go back to March 2019 and resume the work - exactly two years back. “Ashish
  “I was shy and not good at study but somehow, I wanted study. The friends supported my life. I could not pass the 10-board exam … the day when the result was out. I failed…. Others asked me “what did you do (to fail)?” Father could not believe I … I believed in myself and started studying in SHS. After passing the exam I stood first plus two and got two scholarships for graduation. I am running short of word to express my gratitude for your support.” (Payal)
  “I study only for a few months of class… We do not study full year. Best days were annual day” (Satish)
  ” We did not have farewell. “(Jidaga)
  “Ashish was no were till std. 9tth… Garden may… kaju trees… we use to climb coconuts trees of the sisters … One day while on the tree … saw a German Shepherd and stayed on the tree… sr. Anita was there. Come down only when the German shepherded left the place.” Nishant
  “You (Vijaylakshmi miss) helped me to write the alphabets…” Chakrabal “We were the best batch.” (Sony)
  “I had two IDs. One day one of my friends did not have one and it was Pritam. He got my second ID … for administrative reasons kicked out of the school for few week… in the school if we were late." (Prajesh)
  “Shoes had to be clean and we had to prepare it on Sundays. Our best friends used get two chocolates on the birthdays (Sony)
  “… Crazy experiments and thoughts - What will happen if we soak in kerosine …. Use whitener for whitening the shoes,” (Debashis)
  “You become what you admire... Guru a dispeller of darkness. I bow to all my teachers who natured us. I have become one like you my work as a corporate trainer… Just like a work and I perform the art of storytelling and do. I am happy to be part of the SHS family.” ( Deepak)
  “The priceless moment in my life is my schooling. When I was in the standard, we were crazy about learning those phrases like ‘crowned with success’ and writing two pages with quotes for two full marks in moral science. When Paparo says ‘today is my birthday’ then we know revision begins. Thanks for spending your time with standing our rebellious nature. It has created a strong bond with SHS.” (Sangram Kumar)
  “Hari Sir’s chemistry lab experiment was exciting… Devi Prasad sir… last 10 mintues was the best time… I haven certain formulas to remember the equations. ‘Tirupati Prasad see the volume and distribute pressure laws…” (Kanan Kumar Aggarwal.)
  Visited some times. “SHS is not only school where I taught It is a school where I learned. I say it is my atma mater it gave me platform to learn. When I joined the school as a teacher, Govinda was in class 5. When the bell rang… teacher was scared to go to school because Govindaa is there. It is very difficult to handle the question he asks. We used to burn the midnight oil when we have students like this. Students are teacher of teachers. Unless there are good students there cannot be good teachers… Empathy is the biggest skill. I believe in content making than content copying like …” ‘Dokyno Bharatiyo Khadyore Charuro Mahatyo’ for essay and in the drawing class ‘the snake climbing the tree after eating a rat.’ (Gorachand Mishra, former teacher of SHS)
  “It is a great pleasure to see you all. The building is tong if the foundation is strong. I just in been to 25 countries and across 7 companies. But I am always in touch my school friends. I could not find friends in any one else. When we were children you corrected us. There is the fear born out of respect.” (Sandeep)
  “Till class 5 I never had anything substantial. I wasn’t not recognized. SR. Jain was the teacher who said she will award if I observe someone disciplined for 15 days. I was remained silent and passive in the class. After I was awarded for being silent. I felt, I am found. I felt I was doing something right. Life changed then on”. (Deepak)
  “ I used to be a back bencher in my class. I had a fear. What teachers might ask.. What will happen if I do not answers. I remember all the teachers and all the advice you gave. They help me to grow in my currier. In class 7 I have learned so many prepositions. But I did not know how to use it. GK Rao said me to practice.” (Jaggadis Paridda)
  “We are happy to see our teaches as our role models. They were the pillars of our life.” (Mahesh)
  Madhavi “I was a first generation kid. I thank my Odiya teachers, Nehas mother. I learned lot of values which is the pillar of my life from my teachers. I was a back bencher. Now after completing my MSc I want to take care of the first generation kid” (Madhavi)
  “ Each and every part of our life is golden by your touch. We never felt a single place where you have not touched our lives. You helped us to develop hard working attitude.” (Suresh Kumar)
  “SHS studies and with the opportunity to work with my teachers I learned a lot. Many things I leant.. Today I work with my teachers and kids here, the experience at SHS helped me and by sharing it with my kids they are inspired. (Usha)
  “I am really excited and fall short of words. It is 20 years since we left the school. I dream of my school. Till Now I dream of SHS campus. My MBA friends. Hardly I dream of them. SHS is a magic… it has given me everything. It is here I spent 12 years. It has a huge impact. May be at that moment I could not understand. But later I found. I am humbled by SHS. I thank the teachers. Proud to be SHS.” (Neha)
  “When the video was played water was welling up in my eyes. I am in US now. My journey started from SHS. Every single day at Harvard school I am overwhelmed with everything what I am. The empathy that we received from our teachers we will give to the next generation. We had big play ground. But the kids now have i-pad. Devi sir explained how pressure comes out of the pressure cooker. I feel our teachers were able to explain everything with tiny example. We remain connected. “ Divya
  “It is long time I left the school. I go with daughter and tells her this is where I studied. She feels very happy.” (Arun)
  “ I am happy that we are meeting. I am proud that I was in c section. I am happy that we represented our school for some time.” (Subrat)
  “ I felt love and never felt I am a new girl in the class. I was supported. Jagadish gave me notes. All were supporting. Lily house was the champion. What I am today it is because of you all.” Madhavi. “On this day I am feeling the same feeling I had with my friends in the school. Today our teachers are able to call all our names though they have taught many which shows how much you cared for us. Those were the formative years of our lives. I feel happy to be here. It is a nice feeling. (Purvi)
  “I have lots of good and bad memories. I wanted to participate in the events but got discouraged. I started working by going for extra coaching outside. Some teachers used to discourage me. But one day Gourachand sir said ‘you can for debate.’ I got encouraged. GK sir used to give me some encouraging words. Because of the few things that happened in my school days now I became a psychologist in Vishakapatam. (Dr. Goutami)
  “I am grateful to my teachers. A couple of things I would like to share. 1. Collaboration. 2. Competition. I had a chance to collaborate with my friends in terms of undergoing combined studies. We were all having healthy competition. We were trying to get the bench mark. These two qualities currently helping me and they are integral part of my life.” (Ravi Sankar Ippili)
  “Don’t trouble the trouble. We were called ID (impression dog). We were working hard and were creating impression for our teachers. Some were not happy with us for this. I was very bad at singing. I was a tiny guy. I was sacred of singing. Tirumala mam picked me up for singing… we should not teach the children the word fear in their mind. This concept should not be taught then they will fear nothing and the best comes out.” (Govinda)
  “The way learned from our teachers is irreplaceable. We are indebted to them … SHS has become a brand … building up the society…. and we need to strive for the betterment of this brand. ” (Abishek Dash)
  Looking at the present situation of the school we fee “nostalgic” and ‘rekindle a sense spark in us …” (Aditya Singhal)
  “We went for an excursion to Darjeeling…. It was the best trip without parents and …. 7 days engaged to attend no other activities…. Science exhibitions …. Parade complements from others … Red Cross … we are luck y to such teachers who prepared us for the face the outside world….. How to write computer programs were on papers … and Devi sir asking ‘what is the meaning of discipline and he defines it as ‘how we behave when no one is watching g us… we are proud to be a part of this school.” (Aditya Singhal)
  The video has “hell and heaven difference seen from our time and now. The painted class room…. I was the Luckiest to go in a single go. … We had all the moral values as how to behave in a society. We never knew that they were preparing us to face the world. What we are because of you teachers. You are an integral part of our charisma … the little decision have shaped my life. I always tool the road less travelled.” (Peri Srivani)
  ”Our teachers are like sculptors who make a deity from a marble… have humor in their teaching…. sharp and strong.” (Siva Sashank)
  “You people are just like heaven... I recollect all my school life. That was the best memories of my life. We would join again in the school…. Be an English ‘dictionary’, just learn five new words every day. That will be your strong points. We are going through that even now. You all teachers are fabulous. “(Krishna)
  ‘SHS is not just a school for all of us it was a home. We use to live our lives in school parks, labs we did not want to leave the school. Till the gates were closed and the peon told us to go. Our teachers are kind and calm, had humorous chemistry and math …. Motivate us … saying do not carry dictionary but just learn 5 new words… the daily phrase ‘what is this? Is it a …? Do you want to be a …? “(Debasis)
  “How well we speak English… we are proud to be a SHS…. You created confidence in us to fight the outside world … You are wonderful teachers to us. (Sai)
  I could see myself into the class and count all class teachers I can take their name… you … taught the difference between b and f, …showed the pragmatic life…, cared me like your own child, … who could not be nicknamed… who helped us outside class.” (Manoranjan Tiwari)
  “ Our teachers have got knowledge and have given values in our lives. … when we went to college no body was able to write a letter and all use to turn back to me … I got the foundations from SHS.” (Pallavi)
  “ able to fearlessly talk because of your guidance. … Asked me how big is the big brother and told the use of elder and younger. Thanks for showing the footage of the won from the roof. It was one of my dream to see. How the town looking like..” (Ajay)
  Teachers “have given the foundation…taught me like her daughter… gave foundation for English… opened my by-hearting power…… “(Sivani)
  “The greatest asset of SHS is its teachers. They have played a pivotal role in my life. The way they teach… serious… humorous… sudden twist and turn giving no chance to ask in the exam… no tension… and great memories.” (Pawan Kalyan)
  “ Every place in the school has some memory… thanks to all teachers…. You make us” (Peri Ramya)
  “ All teachers are my super heroes… with every mark I got … at any point of time the basic you taught me is important for any sector.” (Sai Krishna)
  “Alphabetically I am the last … funniest and friendly kind of teacher… fun of everyone… you use to tutor us every word, everything and groomed us so well… generated interest in Hindi… great lab experiment … change color.. So many things in a funny way” (Tanusree )
  ‘"The type of education you gave me … I never felt inferior even when I interacted with the people in the city or town’ (Tadasha)
  ‘I never stop studying’, (Dr. Rohit Kundu),
  ‘The knowledge, power and confidence we got from SHS we could not get from anywhere’, (Tadasha)
  ‘My heart is at Rayagada, with Devi sir, Paparao and Mamat mam” (Sourav)
  “I am working at the customs office” (Ashok)
  ‘Thanks for shaping our future” (Vinod)
  ‘I cried at KG for coming to SHS and cried for leaving class 10” (Deo)
  ‘Thanks for enabling me to work in the department of education’ (Subhasree Das)
  ’12 years of school life were the best the peaceful life’ (Deo),
  SHS is a place where we were bloomed from the saplings... bring us up like a building block’... sharing the experience of coming late and sitting in circles for the tiffin break’ (Deo),
  ‘Thanks for reaching to be an accomplished CA’ ( Adisha)
  ‘I learned more from the mistakes I committed at the school and am connected with 4 batches up and down (Avinash),
  I see the same type atmosphere surrounding the institution’ even now in terms of its values’ (Jagadish)
  “My school is my foundation and teachers like Devi sir, GK Rao Sir, and Jyoti sir’ (Jagadish),
  'Each and every teacher of SHS is an inspiration’’ (Malaya),
  ‘Amaravati mam who gave uou confidence’ and Fr. Mathew Nayak engaged us into ‘Every activity for our growth’ (Neharika),
  ‘The root of being a senior counsultant is founded on SHS’ ‘ I got a toffee for being first in the class from Mamata mam’, (Priyanka)
  ‘I am happy that I studied in SHS’, for conveying that my work in Boston is possible because of the SHS foundation’ (Srikant Banagadi),
  “I am grateful to Nageswar for laying foundations for Java” ( Rohit)
  “Thanks to Sujata Mam for cool and systematic class” Nageswar Sir’s guidance has helped me today develop my carrier as a software developer and a pursurer of cyber security, GK Rao for teaching for his patient listening and Devi sir for his maths’ ( Subendu),
  “I am pursuing the path of CA thanks to SHS" (Lalita),
  "I work in Banglore, logistic, and as a freelancer, and engineering. Thanks to SHS. Kavya .
  “ school gave us that ability to develop soft skills, mutual reslpect and sense of hmour from Devi sir, basics of programming from Nageswar Rao, lovely personality of Mmata, motherly yet strict nature of Sujata miss, English essay writings and the passionate teaching of English of Jenna Sir, the basic English grammar from GK Rao sir, ‘ I eat mango, I will eat mango etc.’ and his kindness to teach, and the life lessons from Papa Rao sir “ the lessons of simple life” and the human pressure and volcanic eruptions’ (Avinash)
  "Sacred Heart School is one of the finest school I have witnessed when it comes to morals and values. It is unmatched with many others schools in this regard with an affordable fee. " Dr Praveen Majhi, 1998 batch
  "Sacred Heart School is the oldest ICSE affiliated school in our locality with many highly experienced and trained teachers, which holds records in imparting quality education since last 50 years. Sacred Heart School was a family for me with a healthy and friendly relations among teachers and students. It taught me starting from the basic characteristic of a good student such as discipline, punctuality, respecting elders etc. Moving towards sharpening my academic skills and guiding me toward a bright future. The most important things of all the above mentioned subject is - Today I can face the fast moving world with all my skills that I have captured over the years I had spent with my Sacred Heart Family. Today I can proudly say I am a part of the family, too strong and bold enough to resist any difficulty which the life throws me. " (Ansuman Padhy 2018.)